Beyond Basic Dimensions

Beyond Basic Dimensions
3d rendering background with twisted particle strings.

Now I will explain Beyond Basic Dimensions i.e higher dimensions with the help of an interesting example, so that one can understand the basic difference between the dimensions.

4th Dimension; Beyond Basic Dimensions


First start with the fourth dimension in Beyond Basic Dimensions. We humans are 3 dimensional beings, therefore have full control over the three dimensions of space but we are forced to move only in one direction in time– the forward direction, as we are three dimensional beings. But if we consider the fourth dimension from the geometrical point of view then hypercube is a 4 dimensional object. It is also called a Tesseract. The relationship between a hypercube and a cube is same as that of cube and square. So in simple terms a Hypercube or Tesseract is four dimensional analog of the cube. As a cube has 6 square faces, in the same way Hypersurface of a Tesseract consists of 8 cubical cells.

5th Dimension

                      Fifth dimension (5th dimension) is Beyond Basic Dimensions. A person living in 5th dimension can control time in different ways. As per leading scientists A fifth dimensional being can move either in past or future as per his wish. He would have all the powers that are possessed by a fourth dimensional being. But he would also be able to be present at different locations at the same time.

It would also be possible for him to do many jobs and have different hobbies simultaneously. Actually Parallel universes exist in this dimension, therefore in the fifth dimension one can have careers in different fields. In this case, you will have another versions of yourself in parallel universes who would be living their lives independently.

They would have separate timelines for the parallel universes. Their lives in different parallel universes will be based on cause and effect. It means their lives will change as per the decisions made by your self-versions in different universes. But one limitation of fifth dimension is that you cannot meet your self-version in directly using shortcuts to another timeline of parallel universe.

6th Dimension

                    Sixth Dimension (6th dimension)is Beyond Basic Dimensions. A six dimensional being has all the powers that a person living in 5th dimension has along with some extra capabilities. Parallel universes exist also in the 6th dimension. A six dimensional being can see all the presents, pasts and futures of all the parallel universes. But one limitation of the sixth dimension is that all the parallel universes must have the same beginning (initial conditions) that is the Big Bang. Like in the fifth dimension, in the sixth, dimension also you are free to choose multiple careers of your choice and your multiple versions can live their lives simultaneously in parallel universes.

                     As I already discussed, one problem with the fifth dimension was, you can not meet your self version in another parallel universe directly using shortcuts. But the sixth dimension is free from this limitation. You can easily jump from the timeline of your universe to any point present on the timeline of any parallel universe.

7th Dimension

                     Seventh Dimension Beyond Basic Dimensions; can have infinite number of universes. A seventh dimensional being can have infinite forms of itself and can move from one universe to any other universe. All the powers are possessed by a 7th dimensional being that a sixth dimensional being has. The seventh dimension is free from the limitations of the sixth dimension.

The 7th dimensional universes may have originated from different start conditions. And a person living in the seventh dimension can have infinite forms of itself which are able to move freely between all the infinite number of universes at his will. These infinite number of universes may have originated from different initial conditions not just the Big Bang.

8th Dimension; Beyond Basic Dimensions

                      Eighth Dimension has a plane of all the possible presents, pasts and futures for all the infinite number of parallel universes and all these infinite universes extend upto infinity. String Theory suggests; in the eighth dimension objects do not have any physical existence. You may think of it analogous to our digital world, where we cannot touch the objects but only can see or hear them. They can change shapes, size and appear or disappear instantly. So it may be somewhat similar to the virtual reality.

9th Dimension

                      Ninth Dimension Beyond Basic Dimensions has Infinite number of universes. It is possible for the universes in the ninth dimension to have their own laws of Physics and separate conditions and probabilities of their origin. You will be surprised to know that in the ninth dimension many civilizations or aliens may live simultaneously at the same place. These coexisting civilizations may not see or feel the presence of each other. The ninth dimensional being would have mind boggling super powers. That being would be capable of going to any point in time- past, present or future of any infinite number of universes. He would have no physical form and would be able to move freely in space and time in any of the universes.      

10th Dimension

                      Tenth dimension being would have infinite powers. He would be able to do the things that are beyond imagination. He would be able to control even the spacetime and everything present in all the infinite number of universes. So what would one call that 10th dimensional being who is infinitely powerful.

11th Dimension; Beyond Basic Dimensions

                      Many unanswered questions raised Beyond Basic Dimensions when the superstring theory was introduced. Therefore to answer these questions, eleventh dimension was proposed by the researchers. We can observe only three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. It is not possible for us to observe higher dimensions as higher dimensions are Curled Up.

                      According to superstring theory, everything in the universe is made up of one dimensional and infinitely small vibrating loops called strings Beyond Basic Dimensions. Even the subatomic particles are made up of Strings and unique characteristic of each subatomic particle is because of the manner in which the strings vibrate. It is interesting to note that, frequency of vibration of the string is responsible for the mass of the particle.

String Theory; Beyond Basic Dimensions

But the string theory does not answer two important questions related to strings, what these tiny strings are made of and where they come from. Size of the strings is of the order of 10(-33) cm. This size is unimaginably small. This is many times smaller than the diameter of the nucleus. 10^-33 cm is actually millionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a centimeter. Without giving an analogy our brains cannot understand, how small this number is. If we increase the size of an atom up to the size of the observable universe, then the size of the string would be just equal to a tree.

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