3 – Biblical Order of Prophets (Post Moses till Prophet Jesus)

Biblical Order of Prophets (Post Moses till Prophet Jesus)

In 3rd part of Biblical Order of Prophets; post Prophet Moses till Prophet Jesus is the main theme for this article. https://ehknowledge.com/66-books-protestant-bible-for-nonchristians/


Israelites after the Egypt in Biblical Order

The pharaoh changes his mind and traps the Israelites near the Red Sea, where God Almighty performs a great miracle, causing the sea to part, and the Israelites escape for good. They end up wandering in the desert for 40 years, at the end of which Prophet Moses passes on the responsibility to a man named Prophet Joshua, from the Tribe of Ephraim, who then leads the Israelites to conquer the Land of Canaan. They end up dividing the land amongst the 12 tribes.

The Descendants of Aaron being appointed as priests. According to some historians leading theory, the Israelites were actually just one of the many Canaanite tribes and that they never did live in Egypt as a nation. The Canaanites were people who lived in the land of Canaan, an area which according to ancient texts may have included parts of modern-day Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Well, not in the main part of Egypt anyway.

During this period, Canaan was actually part of the Egyptian Empire so it’s possible that some of them were in fact Egyptian slaves and that they were somehow able to throw off Yoke of slavery, but in Canaan, not in Egypt. The exact details are not known.

King and Prophet David

According to the Biblical Order; the period between the conquest of Canaan and the rise of the King David was a period in which the Israelites were ruled by a series of Military Leaders Called Judges. Among these judges, are several famous Bible Character like Samson, Gideon, and the female judge Deborah. Deborah is important because, according to biblical scholars, a portion of the Book of Judges, called the Song of Deborah, is thought to be the oldest layer of text in the entire Bible.

The last major character before the monarchial period is the Prophet Samuel, who was a Levite. It was Prophet Samuel who initially appointed Saul to be king, and then later, Prophet David.

Prophet David is followed by his son Prophet Solomon, and then after Prophet Solomon, the Israelites split into two major kingdoms; the Kingdom of Judah in the South and the Kingdom of Israel in the North.

The Jews

As per Biblical Order; The Kingdom of Judah was mostly comprised of the tribe of Judah, whereas Israel comprised of all the remaining tribes. It is said that there were 10 northern tribes. But who exactly those 10 tribes were sometimes differ.

The most famous and promising account is that the northern kingdom gets destroyed first, leaving only Judah behind, where the people become known as Jews. So some people like to talk about “Lost 10 Tribes of Israel” who are supposedly distinct from the Jews.

According to many branches of Christianity, we actually know the names of Prophet Mary’s father and mother as well who would also be the grandparents of not only Jesus, but of at least three of the 12 apostles. According to tradition, they are named Joachim and Anne.

Probable Ancestors of Prophet Jesus in Biblical Order

In the Holy Quran, Prophet Joachim is called Prophet Imran and although Anne is not named, the Semitic version of her name would be Hannah. According to tradition, Anne was the daughter of a priest named Matthan and the sister of a woman named Sobe. Anne and Sobe do not appear in the New Testament but Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah do.

John the Baptist

According to the Gospel of Luke, Elizabeth was a close relative of Prophet Mary (the mother of Jesus) and the two women were pregnant at the same time. Prophet Mary had Jesus; and Elizabeth had John the Baptist. According to Christianity, John the Baptist was sort of a fore-runner for Prophet Jesus and prepared the way for him. But, according to the New Testament, he was killed by Herod Antipas prior to the death of Jesus.

According to the New Testament, his head was delivered to Antipas on a plate at the bequest of his wife and niece, Herodias.

Prophet Joseph

Here I would like to elaborate about Prophet Joseph, the father of Jesus. The problem here is that The New Testament gives us two conflicting genealogies for Prophet Joseph. In The Gospel of Matthew, Prophet Joseph is said to be the Son of Prophet Jacob, who in turn was the son of Matthan.

In The Gospel of Luke, Prophet Joseph is said to be the Son of Heli, the Son of Matthat. Now interestingly, in both cases, the name of Prophet Joseph’s grandfather is similar. It also happens to be the same name that is traditionally given to Prophet Mary’s grandfather.

So one possibility is that Joseph and Mary were cousins. As far as I read humbly I can write that most Christian scholars say that Gospel of Matthew covers Prophet Joseph’s line and Gospel of Luke covers Prophet Mary’s line. Some scholars who argue for the reverse. There are even some attempts out there to reconcile the two lists by adding in things like second marriages and step children.

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