Part 2 – More Real then Reality

I want to see the reality as a whole of it; found that it can only be seen from a perspective. In my opinion, perspective is bounded by the limiting sense organs; deliberately Crafted with limiting factors.

So the creator is pushing or limiting us to see a specific dimension of reality and NOT the whole of it. A limited spectrum of sound and light wavelength, a limited taste bud and finally a brain bounded by limited 3 dimensional processing framework.

All of Our Sense Organs are OUTWARD Bound

Can see the visible spectrum around us but can’t fold our eyes to see our own face or more then half of our body. Can’t see the entire bones and flesh inside, can hear a spectrum of sounds but cant listen our blood flowing in our veins or our own heartbeat.

Anywhere I try to escape the limit to see the reality, boundary becomes inevitable. Without seeing the whole of it, Reality can not be ascertained. Half perception is false a reality.

But If the perspective of reality is not real then there aught to be more.

Today if a sin occurred, like a Hindu eats the cow meat or a women fell for adultery, everything is reality; no part of our body reacts biologically or resist chemically so in real and Reality there is nothing wrong. But consciousness; an element dictating reality as real; do not allow sinner to act normal. The next visit is of church or to a religious pundit. The sin is too big but if you spend something to please God or sacrifice something then the sin may be removed.

The sin has no real boundary or reality in life

but still it is considered as much reality as any material thing. In old days and sometimes still today, relationships are considered as sacrament reckoned by God and the entire life is spent guarding the word of God that may not gave any physical presence but more profound then reality itself.

Outside the boundary of religion and faith system;

in 1917 Marcel Duchamp signed a “Porcelain Urinal” as “R.Mutt”; an ordinary piece of plumbing submitted in society of Independent Artist”. The ordinary plumbing urinal regarded as major landmark  in art for 21st Century. Later on 16 replicas were commissioned between 1950 and 1960. In 1999 a version of declared art was sold at New York for $ 1,762,500 as declared as origin of contemporary art. We may believe it or not but it is a reality.

            Let us change our canvas to life and death.

An archival photograph showing a double burial at Jebel Sahaba
Wendorf Archives of the British Museum

There may not be more reality that life or death in this entire cosmos; but at least for the humans. The oldest known conflict is in Mesolithic Cemetery approx. 14000 years old. According to Conway W Henderson, “one source claimed that 14,500 wars have taken place between 3500 BC and late 20th century, costing 3.5 billion lives, leaving only 300 years of peace”. He further argued that “approximately 3,640,000,000 human beings have been killed by war or the diseases produced by war.”

War of Realities

In “war before civilization” another “Lawrence H Keeley” says “approximately 90-95 percent of known societies throughout history engaged in at least occasional warfare and many fought consistently.” Coming over to causes of war, author Paul Goodman in his book: Most commons reasons of War including.

“Economic gains, territorial gains, Religion, Nationalism, Revenge, Civil War, Revolutionary war and Defensive war”. Amongst the eight most common causes of war only three may be considered to be tangible with reality likely economic, guns, territorial gains and defensive wars”. Rest all five causes are likely not belonging to any real, physical entity however they are more than reality as being perused to the very end of life as death.

A Divine Reality           

Amongst the entire population of earth only 16 percent of population do not belong to any religion while 84 percent are people believing in “Divine Creator”. The reality of divine is more than anything for 84 percent of world population.

It is estimated that approximately, one to three million people were killed in “Crusades”. In modern world 35 million soldiers and civilians were killed in World War-I. The non-religious was like World War-I also include reality of boarders.

Reality of Boarders

I can hardly foresee the first Human observing The Earth from Space seeing what? A single mass, alone planet with patches of land WITHOUT boarders.

The entire world is a single mass and divided into countries, drawing lines on multiple piece of papers, using treaties, accords or any means but still the border between countries do not have any physical entity or reality.

We make boarders reality by erecting fences, laying minefields, rising walls or utilizing man made features. AI based complicated satellites are used to accurately configure on a virtual, proclaimed or perceived piece of land may lead to death of real people in reality. For any individual, country or people, nationalism is more than anything he has in Reality. One can go to war and may kill himself for a country which practically has no reality at all.

            A flag, a national anthem, a group of people staying together; primarily they are born together and many do not even know the names of fellow countrymen but then millions and millions are willing to sacrifice their real life for something whose entity is purely man made and may change over a period of time due to so called “National Interests”.

The people loosing real life are being cherished by living people as “soldiers fight for freedom” or “Lives for their Motherland” etc. Actually all are the production of consciousness and in reality do not possess any Physical Real Entity. The perception of consciousness is more real than reality itself.

           The Real in Reality

If one just sit back and try to visualize what is physically or really real and what is manmade or perception then I think one is left with himself or herself alone. For every individual, the individual is the reality.

From various relationship to daily routine. Money to online financial transitions to country we are living, books we are studying, the education system we are going the entire system a man make conscious perception. Today what we have prepared for ourselves is more real than the reality itself.

Theory of Reality, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness

Indeed we are not the first or unique to discuss this complicated aspect of reality. For me reality may be bounded by physical and virtual component however for scientist it is not as simple as it seems like.

One of the perspective seems logical to me is of “Quantum Gravity Research Centre”. A Los Angles based team of mathematical and physics working on development of unified quantum gravity theory, termed now as Emergence Theory. Emergence theory views spacetime in a way that builds on Einstein’s spacetime model, in which the future and past exist simultaneously in one geometric object. We view this object as a system in which all frames of spacetime interact with all other frames all the time.

The emergence theory attempts to unify the theory of reality, quantum mechanics and consciousness. All basic ingredients for reality.

During 3rd part, I intend going scientific rather logical; going into a deep physics class. Discussing Quasicrystal, A Tetra Harden and the building block of reality in an entire universe.

But one thing is far sure that no one is clear what is going on in reality.

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