2 – Biblical Order of Prophets (Prophet Abraham till Prophet Moses)

Biblical Order of Prophets
Greek Chapel on Mount Sinai / Moses Mountain at 2285m in Egypt

After having gone through the Hebrew Biblical Order of Prophets from Prophet Adam till descendants of Prophet Noah now we will encompass Prophet Abraham till Prophet Moses.



Spread of Nations after Prophet Noah

As per Biblical Order During The Medieval Period, it was thought that some of these nations, in particular Gomer, spread into Europe. Gomer had a grandson named Ashkenaz, who was thought to be the ancestor of the Germans. It is for this reason that Jews who lived in Germany and then migrated to Eastern Europe came to be called Ashkenazi Jews.

While overlooking the three sons of Noah, very roughly one may summarize that Ham represented Africa, Shem represented West Asia, and Japeth represented Europe. This is exactly what certain medieval Christian thinkers promoted, which in turn, led to the idea of three races.

Few things that may be conclude that the classification system offered by The Bible only cover a particular land mass. The people living in India, China, Australia, the Americas, Sub Saharan Africa, and etcetera were not included in this classification system.

Ancestors of Prophet Abraham in Biblical Order

Arphaxad had a grandson named Eber, and this is probably where the term Hebrew comes from. From there, after another 5 generations, a man named Terah, who had three sons namely Prophet Abraham, Nahor, and Haran. Of these three, Abraham was, by far, the most important.

As per Biblical Order; it is believed in Christians Circles that the Book of Genesis is really a book about Prophet Abraham, his son Prophet Isaac, and Prophet Isaac’s son Prophet Jacob (together known as the three patriarchs). Everything in the Bible that comes before Prophet Abraham, like the Prophet Adam & Eve and the Flood, is really just a prologue. Prophet Abraham is said to be the father of three major world religions namely Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is because of this that these religions are often called the Abrahamic religions.

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rophet Abraham in Biblical Order

Prophet Abraham was married to Prophet Sarah but Prophet Sarah had difficulty having children so Prophet Abraham married to another woman namely Prophet Hagar. Prophet Hagar was Egyptian, and had a son by her named Prophet Ishmael.

God Almighty promised that Prophet Sarah would miraculously have a child in her old age and indeed she did, naming the child Prophet Isaac. Shortly thereafter, Prophet Hagar took a journey to Arabia, where, according to Islamic tradition, Prophet Ishmael became the ancestor of the Northern Arabic Tribes.

According to Biblical account Prophet Abraham had a third wife, named Keturah. The people who later become the Midianites are the descendants of Abraham’s son named Prophet Midian, from his marriage to Keturah.

12 Tribes of Israel

Prophet Abraham’s son Prophet Isaac ended up marrying Prophet Rebecca. She was the granddaughter of Abraham’s brother Nahor, thus making Prophet Isaac and Prophet Rebecca first cousins. Together they had two sons Prophet Esau and Prophet Jacob.

Prophet Jacob (whose name is later changed to Israel) has 12 sons and one daughter (named Dinah). The 12 sons eventually end up becoming the 12 tribes of Israel. If we assume The Map of the Biblical Land of Israel. To the east, in what is today Jordan. There were three nations that were on and off enemies of the Israelites namely Ammon, Moab, and Edom.

Well, according to the Bible, these three nations were actually relatives of the Israelites. The Moabites and Ammonites were the descendants of Abraham’s nephew Prophet Lot and the Edomites were the descendants of Prophet Jacob’s older brother Prophet Esau.

The 12th Tribe and Prophet Moses

Out of the 12 Tribes; there are 2 that are the most important namely Levi, from which the priestly line comes; and Judah, from which the royal line comes. Prophet Jacob’s most famous son was Prophet Joseph, but wound end up being sold to Egypt where he became advisor to the Pharaoh.

He was the firstborn son of Prophet Jacob’s favorite wife Rachel and closest to Prophet Jacob. Prophet Jacob and his family moved to Egypt, where Prophet Joseph was living and it is there that they grew into a nation. But after a few generations, the Egyptians forced them to become slaves. Which brings us to the Exodus and the story of Prophet Moses, the most important prophet in Judaism.

Exodus and the Story of Prophet Moses

According to the Second Book of the Bible, called Exodus; Prophet Moses was placed in the Nile River as a baby and then discovered by one of the Pharaoh’s daughters, who adopted him and raised him as her own.

As an adult, Prophet Moses sees an Egyptian beating an Israelite and kills the perpetrator. He then escapes to Midian to avoid punishment where he meets Prophet Jethro and marries Prophet Jethro’s daughter Prophet Zipporah. It is in Midian that God Almighty appears to Prophet Moses in the form of a burning bush. God Almighty tells Prophet Moses that he has to go lead his people out of Egypt and into the Promised Land, which was back where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had lived. Moses gets help from his BrotherProphetAaron. After God Almighty gives Egypt a series of Ten Plagues, pharaoh eventually lets the Israelites go.


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