Part-1: Reality; Some Basics


In reality, I thought it would be simple and easy to comprehend; and as always got tricky once tried encompassing all of it; The Reality itself. The first complication came with Marvel Cinematic UniverseReality Stone”; one of the six infinity stones, remnant of singularity that predated the universe, representing element of reality. Simply it was a Red Gem Stone, allows the keeper to “alter the reality as desired”. The first thought about reality in my mind was that if something can be altered then how it’s a reality?

Reality is the concept our brain prepares using the existing sense organs regarding the things and phenomenon around us. The sense organs are limiting in their structure and response plus our limiting brain is yet another speed limit to the reality.

Simply what we know about the reality is a “state of things as they actually exist“. Practically, it is the concept our brain prepares using the existing sense organs regarding the things and phenomenon around us. As per general terms we will consider reality the reality only if it comes under the detection range of our sense organs. The sense organs are limiting in their structure and response but our limiting brain is yet another speed limit to the reality.

But almost every second, there are bundle of things which we cannot see, feel or hear or anything in our daily life . They are real even if we do not consider them real. The reality of non-comprehensible elements are as much a reality as the so called physically real realities. So the definition, comprehension or perspective which we are dilating is likely not the reality as we see or feel but in fact we need a more encompassing or deliberate look at the reality.

            The exciting thing regarding reality is that it cannot be contemplated in real. So we have to see the perspective of it.

A junior school lesson is that the building block of any real thing is matter and every matter is composed of atoms. The reality of atoms as we all know, cannot be seen. The particle physics, dealing with sub atomic particles, Quantum Physics focuses on Quantum Mechanics which in turn dealing with principles used to explain their behavior and all of physics dealing with it. Taking a step further deep, actual or real shape of atom and the shape we depicts in our text books are altogether different.

As per “Theory of concept creation” our brain tends to create concept of anything even if is not happened or seen yet. So we cannot see the atoms however we can imagine planetary model and we assumed that atom might be visible like this.

Atomic Concept creation is based upon some facts including An Atom (just a name of something we can’t see), another thing named as Nucleus, that holds its mass and something not part of nucleus however it does exist, an Electron but it is part of atom. So concept created was a spherical atom. The conventional drawing depicts the shape of atom as a nucleus surrounded by electron orbits but the current perception of reality as we know now is very much different, diverse and beautiful but even now its not the location rather drawing represents the probability of finding the electron at a certain place around the nucleus at a specific time.

We can predict that The shape of reality is based upon possibility even once atom as a whole is 99.999999999 percent empty and so small in size that measured in 100 picometer across.

The radius of atoms is more than 10,000 times the radius of the nuclei and less than 1/1000 of the wave length of visible light. We never know that once we really see atom in its shape it may look entirely different. The wave particle duality is one such example of probability of seeing atom.

            Till now we can conclude that building blocks of reality is not visible, almost empty and not real for us till now. So if we cannot see the reality then we have to bound it with something or at least assume what can be its basic components.

As far as my understanding, the reality will be composed of two, physical and virtual components. Physical component may include atoms, particle, physics, and molecules and then till entire cosmos. The Virtual Component will be “consciousness, soul or inner self ” of being real. Apparently it seems that the reality of everything is now being ascertained by something which itself is not real yet.

So what are the connections between reality and consciousness. The reality of the fact is that “for us the things which are Not Real are More Real than Reality itself“. The consciousness make them real and the consciousness may consider perception more real than reality itself.

Coming Up in Part 2; To elaborate the case in point, we needs to be pounder something important; as there will definitely be people around the globe considering realty is reality and perception, belief, feelings are not that real; strongly propagating that Consciousness is not and Must Not be placed in the Goblet of Reality.

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