2 – Wahdat Al Wajood

Wahdat Al Wajood
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Wahdat Al Wajood– The Concept

While explaining Wahdat Al Wajood If we take an example of a table, chair, glass or any daily thing in front of us; we can ask two basic questions about them. We can ask IS IT? and we can ask WHAT IS IT?. The first question, IS IT? is a question of existence or being and the answer to that question would be Yes or No.

The second question in Wahdat Al Wajood is WHAT IS IT? gives a completely different answer and this is the question of essence. In this case a chair or table is independent of whether or not it exists it is an essence or what. That can either exist or not exist it can either have existence or which would being.

Remember God is Being; The Only Being, however in terms of our essences we all are absolutely Not God. We are that, which by definition God isn’t.

           We are human beings, feel we possibly can not be God because; God isn’t we; we are finite, we are temporal, we are mortal, we have a certain form. These are all things that God cannot possibly be so this is the relationship that we have here.

We are simultaneously God and not God. We are Absolute Existence.

    As per Wahdat Al Wajood; we are being and non-being all at the same time but it doesn’t end here. These essences also has a relationship with God; even if they aren’t God directly. Here we will need to have some basic knowledge of Islamic theology again so according to mainstream Islamic Theology

Wahdat Al WajoodThe Theology

God is Absolutely Transcendent Beyond Any Creaturely Qualities so He doesn’t have Any Attributes or Qualities that any Created Things Or Creatures Have. But according to the Koran and mainstream Islamic Theology; He still has Certain Attributes and each of His Names like Al-Haq or Al-Rahman Rahim and so on all these names that He’s referred to; corresponds to a certain attribute that he has.

    So Al Haqq means The Truth or The Real. He is the real he is the truth and Al Rehman Al Raheem, means The Merciful, He’s Merciful. Rabb means The Lord. So for all these names that He has is also An Attribute that He has. In The Koran; God has 99 Names and thus also 99 Attributes.

According to Sufi School of thought the names are Actually Infinite He has an Infinite Amount of Names and An Infinite Amount of Attributes and Qualities and these Attributes and Qualities have a very important role to play in creation.

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I Was A Hidden Treasure

   Ahadees Qudsi (a saying of Prophet Muhammad SAW where God is speaking through him) God says “I was a Hidden Treasure and I Loved to be Known so I Created The World so that I Might Be Known

     For Muslims it is the key to understanding creation and the purpose behind it. I Was A Hidden Treasure refers to God’s Essence and Attributes that are Hidden Therein I loved to be known He wants this Hidden Treasure to be Experienced.

Of course He Knows His Own Attributes since He is Allah but He Still Wants His Essence and Attributes To Be Experienced Through Someone who is Not Him so I created the world so that I might be known therefore the world is created as a way for God To Experience Himself through Someone Other Than Himself. But since this Hidden Treasure is to be Own Through The World that must mean that the World Contain Traces Of These Attributes and Qualities of God right this is absolutely true. The world is nothing but every particle of this world reflect and reveal God’s Qualities and Attributes in an Indirect Sense like in a Mirror.

This is based partly on a Koranic verse that goes WHICHEVER WAY YOU TURN THERE IS THE FACE OF GOD.

      Now remember the things of the world or creation itself is not God. He is absolutely transcendent of them but in a real sense they reflect everything in the world The Entire Cosmos Reflects God’s Attributes and thus they are God In A Sense.

Allah’s Attributes

 In understanding Wahdat Al Wajood; in any case since God is Infinite and so are the Possibilities of His Attributes. There is No End to the Constant Self Manifestation of God in the world at every moment. At every instant the world is created new; Revealing A New Self Disclosure the world in that sense becomes the Continuous Unfolding of God’s manifestation in limited form. It’s the unfolding of possibilities inherent in actuality the essences of the world.

The things are contained in God’s knowledge beyond time and space as something He calls the Immutable Entities. These are Non-Existent In Themselves but Function Almost As Archetypes that determine What Is Created In The Actual Cosmos. These Immutable Entities are themselves determined by God’s Attributes as they Totality Reflect Him. So God has these Attributes Of Qualities and then he has a Knowledge Of His Own Attributes or Qualities; Which Are Infinite.

So there’s an infinite number of possibilities an infinite number of ways that His Attributes can be manifested. All these ways, all these forms in which he can Manifest Himself are contained in His Own Knowledge beyond time. When He wants to Create Something He simply gives those archetypes and Immediately Everything Comes Into Existence which is a new reflection of God. That’s constantly unfolding before our eyes.


   A non-dual philosophy where reality is ultimately oneness and nothing exists except for God. He is all of being and he is the one in whose being my being resides. The world is God since there is nothing but God but at the same time He’s very careful to point out that the world is happened at the same time absolutely not God and that God completely transcends the world. In fact the world is absolute nothingness, non-being; who has never smelled a whiff of existence. We can elaborate this as two things according to two different relations.

       With respect to you I am the eternal for ever and ever. I am the necessary being who epitomizes himself with respect to me. I am pure non-being who has never breathed the perfume of existence. The adventitious being who remains non-existent in his adventitiousness.

So the entire cosmos is a manifestation a reflection of the Entirety of God which is Wahdat Al Wajood. Names are the Entirety of God’s attributes; while a certain object in the world or a certain thing only reflects one or a certain combination of certain attributes or names.

    The entire cosmos reflects all of the names so the creation as a whole is a direct reflection of God’s entire nature his whole all of his attributes. But the human being also has a central role to play in this scheme and often referred to as the microcosm or the small man.

Elsewhere the human being thus also reflects all the names and all the attributes but in a contained form. So the human being is a MICROCOSMIC REFLECTION OF THE MACROCOSM that is the entire universe and so everything that exists on the inside access exists on the outside as above so below and and so on. Man in his most perfect and primordial form is known a state of complete self-annihilation; where he recognizes himself as nothing but God’s reflection and acts accordingly in the perfect man. God is finally able to witness and Glorify Himself Like In A Mirror.


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