3 – Unity of Being – The Sufis’

“For Unity of Being – The Sufis’ There is only one reality which is God and that all creation are or is his manifestation.”


Unity of Being - The Sufis'
The Holy Quran



Unity of Being – The Sufis’ Mirror

Unity of Being – The Sufis’ elaborated by one of the more famous writers and poets from Sufi school of thought named of Fakhr al-Dīn Ibrahīm ‘Irāqī; who wrote an incredible piece of combination of prose and poetry called Lama’at or Divine Flashes. In this book he presents this relationship between God and world through a triad of love, lover and beloved; which is a rather common theme within Sufi poetry.

         Now love can be seen as the utmost essence of God being itself and lover and beloved are the relationship between the human being and God. As He is experienced by the being man is the Lover who longs for His Beloved; which is God and they gaze upon each other like a mirror.

In mirrors so in a sense God sees his own reflection in the mirror of the human being and the human being sees his own reflection in the mirror of God. These two lovers want desperately to be close to each other. They want to unite with each other and so the human being cleans this mirror of his heart so that, it more and more reflect more perfectly God’s own reflection and when this process is finally finished.

Reaches its culmination the two are finally United and they reflect each other perfectly and in this meeting they realized that the difference between lover and beloved was only really an illusion and the only thing that ever existed was the reality of love itself which is identical with God’s essence of being itself.

    Then the eye of certainty opens and staring inwardly at himself, he finds himself lost, vanished; but he finds the friend and when he looks still deeper realizes the friend is himself. He exclaims, beloved I sought you here and there; asked for news of you from all I met. Then I saw you through myself and found. We were identical now. I blush to think I ever searched for you.

Unity of Being – Finding God

      The goal of these Unity of Being – The Sufis’ practices or the goal of life in general is to fight against your NAFS which is your ego or your lower self and finally reach a unity or you to unite with God.

But for many other Sufis, there is never any uniting with God. This would actually be an impossibility since that would mean that, there was an imperfection in God.

But non-existence can never unite with absolute being. This is just an impossibility instead. if none of it puts a lot of emphasis on self-knowledge since these the human being and the self is a direct reflection of God as everything else. Enlightenment is actually to know yourself, to gain knowledge of your own self.

There’s a hadith where the Prophet Muhammad SAW have said “Know Yourself And You Shall Know Your Lord”.

        Thus the goal in Unity of Being – The Sufis’ is to realize that one’s own separate existence is a kind of illusion; as we are only the continuous self-manifestations of God. Thus to know ourselves and to know our soul in a proper way is to know God. So there’s no uniting with God. The part of us that is creature; the part of us that is separate from Him can never unite with Him. The goal is to realize that there is nothing but God and that our being is His Being put in another way.

Unity of Being – The Sufis’ Uniting With God

Uniting with God is not a process it’s a realization of what has always been. We don’t unite with God we realized that, we in a sense, were God all along that

Whirling Dervishes in Cairo. Woodcut engraving after a drawing by Theodor Meyer (German painter, 19th century) from the book “Die Gartenlaube (The Arbor)”. Published by Ernst Keil, Leipzig, 1871

     It should be pointed out that there have been diverging opinions and understandings within Sufism regarding details and certain aspects of this idea or this philosophy. But it has been incredibly influential and important in the history of Sufism and has had effects or influence on many regions of the Muslim world. The Unity of Being – The Sufis’ has had a particularly strong spread in the Persian and Indian regions and as one can imagine its meeting with certain Vedanta schools of Hinduism garnered some incredibly interesting results.

The Unity of Being – The Sufis’ has also been a very divisive philosophy while it was rather popular in certain Sufi circles others have rejected it completely.

    Scholars have seen it as dangerous and even heretical and there always been a debate even though has been very popular in certain times and places. There has always been a debate about its orthodoxy.

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